You Never Know

Out of the blue, Elise told me a few months ago that she wanted to learn more about “HearthMath” — I nodded agreement but had no idea what she was talking about. That was the end of the conversation for some time.

Three weeks later, in the middle of a conference we were attending in Vail, Colorado, we embarked upon a team-building activity — white-water rafting. We were both nervous and excited. As we strapped on our jackets and donned our helmets we were instructed to assemble a team of eight for our boat.

Immediately we had a team of 6 – Alex Mandossian and his wife; Paul Scheele; Freddie Ravel; and Elise and I. Since our friend Marcia Martin had arranged for us to attend the conference, and because we are embarking upon a few business endeavors, I thought it would be nice to have her in our boat. I struck out to find her but by the time I did our team had filled the last two places on the boat. Damn, I thought, initially disappointed. I didn’t know the two newcomers to the boat and had hoped to spend some time with Marcia on the river.

I hugged Marcia as she joined her new team and Elise walked up. She too was disappointed but commented, with shrugged shoulders, that we are probably meant to meet the new couple.

Caught up in the loading of our boat and the subsequent launch into the river, Elise introduced herself to the new couple: Howard Martin and Deborah Rozman, who turned out to be two of the founders and developers of HeartMath. I am not kidding. Naturally we enjoyed a great boat ride, created new friendships and smiled the way things seem to naturally come together.

It just goes to show that even if things are not working out the way we think we want them to, they may work out in ways that are even better than we had dreamed or thought they would. Meeting Howard and Deborah was a great privileged and being introduced to their material and emWave Personal Stress Reliever® devices was an excellent bonus.

Elise and I are very happy to now call Howard and Deborah friends, and we use our emWave’s on a regular basis, with great success.

It just goes to show: you never know.