Business Freedom Workshop – 3-day – Feb. 2018

Join the live, online, studio audience while we record our new
Business Freedom Program, at no cost to you. A $597 value!

3 days. 3 hours of business
& life-changing training per day.

DATES: February 19th, 20th, and 21st, 2018


TIME: 12pm – 3pm EST / 5pm – 8pm London time

(that’s 3 hours each day)


WHERE: Our private online workshop room


COST: This is a no-cost + no-obligation workshop. *this program will sell for $597 after it’s finished and you get it now for free. 


WHAT TO EXPECT: As we film our new Business Freedom program, you get the opportunity to be apart of our live studio audience, this includes watching through all of the program material (at no cost!) as a bonus to audience members, there will be an active questions and answer period where you will have the opportunity to ask Eric all your tough questions!

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Recordings will be available for 48 hours starting on February 22nd.

True entrepreneurship is about personal freedom. Create yours at BUSINESS FREEDOM FOUNDATIONS.


Do ONLY the work you love.
Earn more than ever before.
Run a business that doesn’t run you.

  • Do you feel less like a relaxed CEO and more like a slave to your business?
  • Have you noticed your health, personal goals and relationships falling by the wayside, as your business demands more and more of your time and energy?
  • Would you love to take a week-long vacation EVERY MONTH, but think business growth would stall if you weren’t working on it every single day?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, come to Business Freedom Foundations.

At this three-day online workshop, you’ll learn:


  1. How to establish the business infrastructure that will make all your dream projects a reality -without sacrificing your quality of life.
  2. How to create mini-exits in the roles and tasks that you want to STOP doing.
  3. How to find, select and train rockstar team members that are fiercely loyal.
  4. How to identify ‘Business Icebergs’ and react proactively so that instead of sinking your business, they actually give you a boost forward.
  5. How to create and maintain steady growth while increasing your own level of personal freedom every day.

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Your information and your privacy are very important to us. We never rent, sell, or share your contact information.
We don’t like spam either!

All sessions are recorded and will be available for 48 hours starting on February 22nd.

Make 2018 your year of financial AND personal freedom.

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An international entrepreneur, Eric Edmeades has spent over 20 years launching, buying, selling and turning around businesses in 6 countries. He’s logged over 10,000 hours as a mainstage speaker and has been a business mentor and trainer in over 20 countries around the world.


With a bio like that, you might think that Eric is working 7 days a week, filling every waking moment with some task or to-do, right? In reality, Eric only spends a few hours each day on his computer. The rest of his time is spent kiteboarding (his favorite pastime), enjoying quality time with his family at their home in the Dominican Republic, and traveling the world for fun.


Eric’s life is proof that entrepreneurial freedom is not a mythical dream – it’s a reality, and it’s time to make it YOUR reality.

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“Eric is a top-level consultant. He has a brilliant business mind and you should count yourself lucky if you have the opportunity to work with him – and you should be terrified if he is working with your competitor.”

~ Chet Holmes – Bestselling Author of the ‘Ultimate Sales Machine’

The Workshop Starts In:

The Workshop Starts In:

“If you don’t own your business, then your business owns you.”

 –  Eric Edmeades