Why Don’t More People Use Public Speaking To Create An Unfair Advantage?

Public speaking skills make almost any endeavor easier.

As I became increasingly comfortable with public speaking (in front of an audience) I also found that I became more comfortable in a variety of situations including, for instance, social gatherings, on-camera appearances, public toasts and wedding speeches.

That the Stage Effect is powerful is obvious is not a matter of opinion, it is a simple truth.

So why, then, do so few people use it?

My personal experience and my observation in working with others suggest that people fail to use the Stage Effect for any one of, or a combination of, these three reasons:

1) They are unaware of it.

While they would likely agree with its existence, many people are unaware of its incredible power to influence. Others, who may even be aware, believe it to be a special skill that others are ‘born with’ and that is not available to them.

2) They are terrified (or just nervous) of it.

In 1984 the New York Times published the results of the study on social anxiety that included results that have been quoted to the point of cliche. The study produced a list of the most significant fears of Americans and suggested that the fear of death was number three. Ahead of death were ‘walking into a room full of strangers’ and ‘public speaking’.

3) They Don’t Know How.

Even once people see the value of public speaking and the power of the Stage Effect, they are often held back by their lack of understanding: they don’t know how to put together a great talk; they don’t know how to deliver it effectively; they don’t know how to get themselves in front of an audience.

In the Business Freedom Speaking Academy, I address each of these. I believe that becoming a comfortable and effective public speaker has more power to improve the quality of your life than just about anything other than, perhaps, your health.

You’ll see that the Stage Effect is available to everyone. Anyone who wants to use it will give themselves a significant competitive advantage in any field of endeavor.