The Business Freedom Tour – Europe 2013

Eric Edmeades, CEO of Kerner Studios (Canada) and owner of the Kerner Group of companies in the USA is touring Europe speaking to business owners about the ’emancipation of the entrepreneur’ and the role that business success will play in the recovery of the world economy.

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN – 17 July 2013 – Kerner CEO, Eric Edmeades is conducting a multi-country tour that will take him to Stockholm, Oslo, Helsinki, Bergen, Gothenburg and London where he will speak at a variety of events including Anthony Robbin’s Business Mastery program and a variety of events produced by The YES Group and Elevate Events.

“Most business owners start companies believing that being a business owner will make them more money and afford them more free time — most of them are wrong; not about the opportunity but about the reality,” Edmeades commented this week, “In my experience, many business owners are only a few degrees away from real business freedom but can’t see the forest through the trees.”

Edmeades will also host his 3-day Business Freedom Weekend in Stockholm in late August, 2013.

About Kerner

Kerner is a collection of companies focused on innovation, entertainment and technology. The group includes Kernerworks, the designer and manufacturer of multi-award winning medical simulation technologies, and Kerner 3D Technologies, a designer and manufacturer of 3D camera systems that were used on movies including Avatar, Pirates of the Caribbean IV and Transformers III.

Kerner has offices in the US and Canada and is on the web at

About Eric Edmeades

Eric Edmeades is a Canadian entrepreneur and author. He travels extensively as a professional business speaker with topics including marketing, business systems, customer service, presentation skills and the emancipation of the entrepreneur. He resides, with his wife Elise, in the Turks and Caicos Islands and is official website is

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About The YES Group

Inspired by the work of Anthony Robbins, the YES Group is personal community with chapters in London, Bristol, Cardiff, Stockholm and many other locations. The local chapters run monthly networking events and provide a number of high quality speakers at each of their events.

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