Refund Policy

Refund Policy

By consuming Business Freedom content, and using the Business Freedom site you agree to abide by the Terms of Use. By abiding by the Terms, you also agree with the Refund Policy (“Policy”), which means that you cannot expect, fight for or ask for any refund other than what is written below in this clause. Even in extraneous circumstances, the only refunds that will be given will be ones that adhere to the Policy requisites below.


1.) If you are taking Business Freedom Mastermind or Business Freedom 365, and you want a refund you must notify the help desk before Month 7, Week 1 of the program begins. If there is no notification, or, if notification of the desired refund comes after Month 7, Week 1 has already begun, the user is no longer eligible for a refund of any kind.


2.) For an event that has elements that are not pre-recorded (a “Live Event”), the individual who had intended on attending or participating in the Live Event can only get a refund if they make that request 30 days prior to the Live Event beginning. This allows for resale of the ticket. If the request is made within 30 days of the event, or after the Live Event has ended, the individual seeking the refund is no longer eligible for the refund.


3.) For a product that is entirely pre-recorded, with no live content (a “Digital Event’), one may only get a refund on the product if they make the request within 24 hours of purchase. Otherwise, the only other way to get a refund from the purchase of a Digital Event is if the content was never received by the individual intending to take the program.


4.) For an event that does not take place online, and is a live event (‘“In Person Event”), you must notify us at least 60 days prior to the start of the first day (unless specified otherwise on any product pages) in the event you were going to attempt to cancel. If you fail to notify us prior to 60 days before the first day of the event, you will forfeit your ticket, and there will be no refund. If you do notify us prior to the 60 days, you can have your ticket transferred to another event.