Press Release: Business Leader Admits Mistakes – Launches Video Series

99 Mistakes @ YouTube

OSLO, NORWAY – 10 February 2014 – Eric Edmeades, a serial entrepreneur and international business speaker announced, during an interview with Petter Erik Nyvoll of Elevate, that he is launching a video series to discuss common mistakes of business and entrepreneurship. Promoted by Elevate, Edmeades is touring Norway in March of this year.

The series, entitled, 99 Business Mistakes I Have Made So You Don’t Have To will be published through YouTube, the most popular video-hosting platform on the web.

“The first time I took the stage for a business event I realized something important; that I would never have experienced the level of business success I had without the great mentorship and inspiration I had received from so many,” Edmeades explained during the interview. “When I saw how thirsty business owners were for information, strategies and distinctions that could help them grow their business and create more freedom in their lives, I was re-inspired. Now I travel the world and work with business owners to reduce their stress and build companies that they really love owning.”

The “99 Mistakes” program, Edmeades explained, is intended to help business owners avoid making those same mistakes. Also, by publishing through YouTube, he aims to reach a much wider international audience. Many of the episodes will come with sub-titles in major world languages. Some of the mistakes in the series include:

Mistake #1 Making Unoriginal Mistakes – Edmeades says that making unoriginal mistakes wastes time. By learning from your own mistakes and those of others, Edmeades suggests that you can save a great deal of time and money in your quest to build a great company.

Mistake #6 Getting Addicted to Being BusyIn this video Edmeades discusses the ‘thrill’ people seem to get by being busy. He suggests that the desire to seem busy will get in the way of real productivity and, in the long term, leads to a more stressful business life.

Mistake #13 Being Too Trusting (Not Doing Background Checks) – A mistake Edmeades admits to making many times, being too trusting in business can result in dangerous consequences. And, Edmeades suggests, “the better you feel about somebody the more important it becomes to do a background check.”

Mistake #20 Not Having an Exit StrategyNot concerned with the typical ‘exit strategies’ that one might consider when starting or running a business, Edmeades says all business owners should have a clear plan for making mini-exits from each of the roles and departments in their business so that they can focus on working on the business rather than working in it.

Mistake 42# Waiting Too Long To Get Legal Advice – Edmeades suggests that entrepreneurship often requires a high degree of optimism and that this can spell disaster when it comes to legal issues. Consulting a lawyer early in the life of the business, or any business transaction, can act as an inoculation against litigation and legal disputes.

The series will be published through YouTube on The Business Freedom Channel in March 2014.

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About Eric Edmeades

Eric Edmeades is a Canadian entrepreneur and author. Eric travels extensively as a professional business speaker with topics including marketing, business systems, customer service, presentation skills and the emancipation of the entrepreneur. He resides, with his wife Elise, in Cabarete, Dominican Republic and his official website is

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