– Occupy Your Life –

What Occupies Your Time?
What Occupies Your Time?

In 2011 we learned all about occupying Wall Street and other financial centers — lets make 2012 the year we occupy our lives.

Occupy your body — take care of your body; feed it lots of what it needs and only a little of what it doesn’t. Use your body — it was made for movement.

Occupy your mind with great information. Read good books. Learn a language. Study great content. Cut down on the bubble gum content and stimulate your brain — it will reward you.

Occupy your relationships with love. Be present and pay attention to the people around you. See life through the eyes of  those around you and treat them the way you want your own parents or children to be treated.

Occupy your job or business — be productive. The time for expecting things to simply get better over time is over — it is now up to us. Work hard. Contribute. Put in the effort. Life is more fun that way and definitely more rewarding. What would happen if everyone on earth was 10% more productive in 2012?

Occupy your time. We are all given the same number of minutes each day — invest those minutes wisely. Balance your enjoyment of the now and the realities of the future.

Occupy your planet and leave only footprints.  This planet is your home — don’t litter it with garbage, cigarette buts, bad air and other pollutants. Treat the planet at least as well as you would treat your own bed.

Occupy your heart — live with love. Enjoy your life. Appreciate contrast. Be grateful for everything you can.

The only true measure of success in life is the number of days that you are truly happy. – E. Edmeades