Kerner Ceo Holds Fundraising Event for Victims of Typhoon Haiyan in Oslo

Eric Edmeades, CEO of Kerner Studios (Canada) and owner of the Kerner Group of companies in the USA is touring Norway in support of Global Entrepreneurship Week and will be hosting a special benefit event on Friday, November 22, 2014.

OSLO, NORWAY – 20 November 2013 – Global Entrepreneurship Week is recognized by 138 countries and takes place from 18-24 November 2013. Global Entrepreneurship Week seeks to inspire business owners and would-be entrepreneurs to realize their business potential through a series of events and activities all over the world.

Working with local event producer, Elevate AS, Edmeades is hosting a special workshop for business owners and entrepreneurs; 100% of event proceeds will do to the direct benefits of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines.

Edmeades is no stranger to disaster relief efforts; in 2004 a major earthquake struck in Jogjakarta, Indonesia killing over 4000 people while he was vacationing in Bali. Inspired to help, Edmeades rented a truck, filled it with food, water and medical supplies and traveled to Java to do first hand relief work.


“My experience in Jogja played a major role in my decision to create our Business Freedom products and services because entrepreneurs that have functional business tend to use their freedom and financial abundance for social projects and economic stimulus.” Edmeades said in Oslo today during his keynote address at  Gründermessen.

Elevate AS is donating the event production and venue space for the event which has made it possible for Elevate and Edmeades to pledge 100% of the ticket sales from this special event to relief efforts in the Philippines.

About Elevate

Elevate is an event production company specializing in the inspiration and empowerment of people and business owners through the promotion and production of world-class inspiration, motivational speakers from all over the world.

About Eric Edmeades

Eric Edmeades is a Canadian entrepreneur and author. Eric travels extensively as a professional business speaker with topics including marketing, business systems, customer service, presentation skills and the emancipation of the entrepreneur. He resides, with his wife Elise, in Cabarete, Dominican Republic and is official website is

About Kerner

Kerner is a collection of companies focused on innovation, entertainment and technology. The group includes Kernerworks, the designer and manufacturer of multi-award winning medical simulation technologies, and Kerner 3D Technologies, a designer and manufacturer of 3D camera systems that were used on movies including Avatar, Pirates of the Caribbean IV and Transformers III. Kerner has offices in the US and Canada and is on the web at