It’s Time to Make an Exit

Have you ever wondered how you can achieve freedom in your business? It’s something many entrepreneurs only dream of and I want to tell you that it IS absolutely possible.

I vividly remember the day I walked through the door of a business I owned in England where I was introduced to a new employee that I didn’t know and had never met before. How did I not know who he was? Well, it’s simple.

My team had hired him for me.  

It’s a strange (and amazing) feeling. The day you start to realize your business is beginning to run without you needing to be there.

I’m telling you this because you too can achieve this amazing feeling of freedom, if you have the tools to help you take the right steps.

It starts with a concept that I teach at the Business Freedom Experience, my five day intensive designed for entrepreneurs who are ready to build a business that doesn’t require them to work 12 hour days, every day of the week.

The concept is called: MINI-EXITS.

Here’s a very short version of how you can start to practice immediately.

STEP 1: Create your business’s ROLE MAP

A ROLE MAP is an outline of all the roles required to make your business function. Everything from operations, sales, marketing, administration, technology etc. Chances are, you might be doing several (or all!) of these roles.

Write down each role in a list format and if you already have someone executing the role, write their name down next to it.

Yes. You may see your name next to all of them, and that’s okay! Get them all down on paper.

STEP 2: Prioritize your MINI-EXITS

When you look at this list, make note of the roles that you love to do. The ones that bring you energy and help move your business forward.

Now, circle the ones that you would rather never do again. The ones that drain your energy and leave you feeling overwhelmed and depleted.

From this list of “get me out of here roles”, pick the top one in which you want to exit out of.

STEP 3: Make processes your new best friend

When deciding to exit either yourself or someone else out of a role, you focus needs to shift from blindly “doing” the role to creating a detailed list of all processes required for that role to function.  

You will literally need to write down everything you do and document it.

I know this doesn’t sound sexy or like a lot of fun (unless, documenting processes is what lights you up!).

But please trust me. If you do this repeatedly over time, role by role, you’ll have the beginning of a procedures manual that will make hiring and training easy.

It will make exiting these roles possible.

And, it will make business freedom a reality instead of just a dream.

I’ll be in Tallinn next month, teaching this and much more to over a hundred entrepreneurs who are looking to achieve freedom in their business.  

Will you be one of them?

If you want to join us for the Business Freedom Experience, we still have a few spots left. Click here to learn more.

Eric & The Business Freedom Team