Build a team designed to take your business to unimaginable levels of success…

Join Eric Edmeades in his latest program ‘How To Hire Superstars’ and learn how to finally hire a team of superstars who elevate your business to new heights, rather than hold you back from unlocking your highest potential.

When you lack productivity and efficiency in the workplace, you risk losing the business you risked everything for.

Stop playing with fire, start playing with superstars.

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Your people are the cornerstone of your business. Period. Having “the right” people you can depend on is vital to your success. A strong team who you can wholeheartedly trust means more personal freedom to put yourself first and do the things you enjoy.

A major problem business owners run into during the hiring process is bringing on individuals who are adequate during the interview process, but end up falling behind in the long run, not producing the results needed for the business to succeed. These people, while being incredibly ‘nice’, can actually drain your business and leave you picking up their slack.

In this powerful program, Eric shares videos and written templates to guide you through 5 key lessons to help you learn how to build and maintain a loyal, effective and high-performing team of employees who will help you reach new heights of professional success, not weigh you down.

All you need to do? Watch the videos and complete the written templates, and you’ll find yourself with the tools you need to build that dream team of superstars you’ve been searching for.

“But why does this even matter?”

Well, let’s take a look at what could happen if you continue hiring the wrong people and fall behind the competition…

On average, ONE “bad hire” can cost you over $15,000! And that number only increases as the salary of the worker goes up.

The U.S. Department of Labor states that each bad hire will cost 30% of that individual’s annual salary… you do the math…

Here’s an even scarier statistic… 75% of employers have reported hiring the wrong person at least once in the past 5 years. It’s way too likely that you will do the same, and this kind of mistake can be detrimental to a successful business, let alone a start-up!

How to Hire Superstars is designed to equip you with the tools and knowledge you need to prevent various costly mistakes.

A true serial entrepreneur, Eric Edmeades has spent over 20 years launching, buying, selling and turning around businesses in 6 countries. Eric has extensive business ownership experience in a range of industries including data capture, field service, wireless networking, events management, high fidelity medical simulation and Hollywood special effects.

Regarded as one of the most effective business and personal mentors in the world, Eric’s life work revolves around empowering others to succeed in business and in life.

Eric has first-hand experience in the hard lessons owning a business brings, which is great news for you. Why? You don’t have to repeat his costly mistakes. Instead, he has the expertise and knowledge to confidently guide you towards finally unleashing the success you deserve — and it all starts with having the right people in your corner.

This program will cover 5 main topics with a focus on teaching you everything you need to know in order to identify quality people, mould and shape them into their role, and have them bring their best self into work every morning.

Each topic will include a video and accompanying written template for you to complete.

Topic 1
How to Hire the Right People (Superstars)
Topic 2
Employee Induction Processes
Topic 3
Staff Reviews and Effective Training Procedures
Topic 4
Never Get Sued by Employees
Topic 5
Creating an Addictive Work Environment
What Interview Questions Do We Ask That Most Business Owners don’t Even Think About?
With these key topics, you’ll learn the essentials of creating an “A-Team” filled with winners who will take you and your business to the next level!

You want to build a loyal and effective team for your business

You struggle with finding the right fit for your business

You want a team that is as passionate about their work as you are

You want your business to run smoother and more efficiently

You want to avoid legal battles with employees/ex-employees

You’d benefit from enhanced employee training methods



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If you’ve gone through the program fully, but you’re not satisfied, we will refund your money.

"How to Hire Superstars” gave me the start to finish framework that helped me build a high performing team of SUPERSTARS."
Anne S.
"After doing this program, I no longer stress about whether I’m hiring the right person… I know with confidence when I’ve found the right fit."
Marc A.
"This program is full of gems, and the way Eric teaches it really makes it stick! 10/10 recommend for every business owner!"
Paul E.
A one of its kind program with information that isn’t taught anywhere else (hence the startling hiring statistics), world-class business coach Eric Edmeades has designed this platform with your success in mind.


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