BFA offers a variety and expanding selection of business education programs including:

The Business Freedom Experience™ – The BFE is a LIVE 5-day intensive workshop that is typically run once-pera year. The program provides a deep dive into business ownership, marketing and the practical steps required to build an effective stand-alone business.

Business Freedom 365™ – Is offered s an Online Open Education program that guides business owners (or would-be business owners) through a week-by-week education process over a one-year schedule. Each month is focused on a specific area of entrepreneurship and each week has lessons and real-world assignments that will, over the year-long program, result in significant business improvements.

MBO™ – The BFA Master in Business Ownership™ program is a one-year program that combines the content and assignment schedule of the BF365 program with LIVE virtual classroom sessions with our faculty. The program runs once per year, starting in September and is available y application only.


The BFA Speaking Academy – The BFASA is a LIVE 5-day intensive workshop on public speaking, presentation delivery and communication. This is our most highly rated and sought after program and is lead by BFA Chairman, Eric Edmeades.


Strategic Influence™ – Is a LIVE 3-day intensive training and Inception Marketing™. These programs are hosted several times a year and are available with Open Admission.

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