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I firmly believe that much of the change needed on our planet today — social, political, environmental — will be stimulated and brought about by entrepreneurs and business owners rather than politicians or the general public.

How To Get A Goldfish’s Attention

Capturing the attention of a Goldfish is really quite simple: wait until they have not eaten for a while and then put food in the water. We will have their attention.   People are not so different: find out what they are interested in and then offer them that.   This is a very different

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Emotions Are The Glue That Gets Memories To Stick

How do we make sure that our message is memorable? What gets memories to stick? Let’s go back to evolution for a moment.   There are other animals in the kingdom that have better or worse eyesight than we do: eagles can see 4 to 5 times better than the average human and can spot

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Confessions of a Phobic Speaker

When I was in high-school I got my first opportunity to speak in front of a group: debating class. I hated it. I did well and our team did well, but it was like physical torture for me. After school I accepted a job in sales — direct sales — and worked my way up

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Occupy Your Life

In 2011 we learned all about occupying Wall Street and other financial centers — let’s make 2017 the year we occupy our lives.   Occupy your body — take care of your body; feed it lots of what it needs and only a little of what it doesn’t. Use your body — it was made

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The Road Less Travelled

I have been getting back into running, so today I headed up to Point Reyes to run in the forest. It was incredible. I have travelled to over 40 countries and lived in around a dozen cities, so believe me when I tell you that I live in one of the most gorgeous places on

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