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I firmly believe that much of the change needed on our planet today — social, political, environmental — will be stimulated and brought about by entrepreneurs and business owners rather than politicians or the general public.

It’s Time to Make an Exit

Have you ever wondered how you can achieve freedom in your business? It’s something many entrepreneurs only dream of and I want to tell you that it IS absolutely possible. I vividly remember the day I walked through the door of a business I owned in England where I was introduced to a new employee

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How To Decide If You Should Speak For Free

What do you do if you get asked to do a free talk?   Should you say yes or no?   The answer isn’t actually that straight forward.   On the one hand, you should avoid speaking for free, because as a speaker the product you’re selling is you and your talk. So if you

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Why We Learn Best From Those We Look Up To

You’ve probably heard about the value of storytelling. It seems to be a hot topic and yet, it’s also one of the oldest ways humans have used to connect.   Storytelling serves a variety of functions ranging from keeping animals away (male voices carry in the night and keep nocturnal predators like lions, leopards, and

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Why Don’t More People Use Public Speaking To Create An Unfair Advantage?

Public speaking skills make almost any endeavor easier.   As I became increasingly comfortable with public speaking (in front of an audience) I also found that I became more comfortable in a variety of situations including, for instance, social gatherings, on-camera appearances, public toasts and wedding speeches.   That the Stage Effect is powerful is

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Are You Buying or Renting Spaces in People’s Minds?

If you want to influence your target audience, you need to get their attention.   Remember that the attention spans are shrinking. So once you’ve their attention, you need to focus on keeping and nurturing that attention.   Mind share refers to consumer awareness. People usually reserve a limited amount of space in their minds

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