Business Owner or Freelancer:
Do you crave greater freedom in your business, higher sales and increased profit? You’re in the right place.

If you’re like us, you probably started your business because you thought entrepreneurship would give you more free time and financial freedom.

You probably envisioned contributing enormous value to your clients and customers, while also enjoying significant quality time with your family, travel, and an abundant bank account.

Attaining business freedom and self-sustaining profit at the same time is not something that comes with luck. It requires a systematic and strategic way of learning, thinking, planning, and acting.

Let’s dig deeper.

Is this the reality of your life and business today?
Take a look at these questions and answer yes or no.

Do you:

  • ​feel like your company can’t survive a day without you?
  • ​feel like you don’t have a chance to take a proper vacation (without checking emails and answering phone calls)?
  • ​feel like you’re spinning your wheels and standing in the same place?
  • ​feel more like a firefighter instead of an entrepreneur?
  • ​want more clients?
  • ​want more profit?
  • ​want more freedom and more stress-free time?
  • ​want to travel more?
  • ​want your business to run like a system, instead of chaos?
  • ​want to grow your business without working 80 hours a week?
  • ​feel like you’re struggling and too stressed?
  • ​put your health, personal goals, and relationships down on the priority list, as your business demands more of your time and energy?
  • ​want to learn step-by-step, real-life strategies for creating true entrepreneurial freedom?

If you answered “yes” to many of these, we can help you. 

You are not alone. We’ve been there. As entrepreneurs, we understand you and your situation. 

Thousands of us are on the same battlefield, fighting to get greater business freedom and more profit.

This proven step-by-step system has helped thousands of entrepreneurs, business owners and freelancers all over the world overcome these challenges and achieve business freedom and more profit.

It’s your turn to own a business, instead of letting it own you. 

Business Freedom, by definition, is doing what you want, when you want, where you want, with whom you want, as much as you want.

Are you ready?

8 Things That Make the Business Freedom 365  Program Unique 
and Help You Achieve Real Results.

Proven System. We all know that the internet is full of free advice but most of this is not systematized. This is a step-by-step, paint-by-numbers robust system for you to follow, not just hyped-up tactics to get more traffic to your website or sneaky closing techniques for your sales meetings. Eric will specifically cover every important aspect you need to build business freedom. Here are just a few of the things you’ll learn: business foundations, leadership, people and personality types, finding (and keeping!) superstars, value chains, marketing, and avoiding common business mistakes—just to name a few!

See the whole program here

Consistency. Every week, for the next 12 months, you’ll get a new video and a practical exercise. That’s 52 weeks of epic content with step-by-step advice to implement right away.

Changing your mindset. Although some of these lessons will only take you 30 minutes to go through, the knowledge base you are growing will help you for the rest of your life.

Made to stick. We know you’ve bought dozens of books, courses, and downloaded whitepapers you never really read or worked through. This is a waste of money—we’ve all done this. This is not going to be one of those times.

This is a business course for business people. Our goal is to educate rather than to entertain. Of course, there will be parts that are entertaining and come with funny stories, but the focus is on knowledge, thinking, and implementation.

Practical. We give you robust tools, knowledge, and the right questions to think about. But you still have to do your homework. Yeah, just like in school, but so much more fun! ;) As an entrepreneur, you know that ideas without execution are worthless. The same goes for knowledge that isn’t put into practice.

From an entrepreneur who walks the walk. You need a coach with real-world experience to move forward. A coach who has built, sold and turned around countless businesses in different countries. Eric is that coach. Not just a one-trick pony. Why is this so important? Anyone can get lucky and build one business and preach it for the rest of their lives. But doing this consistently and systematically is a skill. A skill that you too can learn.

Facts About Business Freedom

Minutes of Training Material
Practical Videos
Pages of Extra Material, Questions, Templates and Worksheets
Years of Eric’s Experience at Your Fingertips
Helpful Workbooks
Money-Back Guarantee
There’s no doubt, this will be a journey of real transformation for you and for your business. 
Buckle up and let’s go.

Just think…

…if you could get more sales at higher prices, more leads so you could choose the clients you want to work with, more effective systems and additional structure, as well as a hiring process to bring in people who are the best at what they do. What would happen to your life and to your business?

Let’s be real. There is no silver bullet or crazy business hack, it’s going to take time and work, but Eric will give you a system and the knowledge behind what to do and how to think. 

Just like an NBA player, actor, or musician, you need access to a world-class coach to be the best you can be.

Sounds promising?

Real Emotions From Real People
These are just some of the remarkable testimonials what we’ve collected at Business Freedom Experience live events...
Like they say: “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.”

Meet Your Coach, Eric Edmeades:

The extraordinary man behind Business Freedom 365’s unique system.

An international entrepreneur, Eric Edmeades has spent over 20 years launching, buying, selling and turning around businesses in six countries. He’s logged over 10,000 hours on stage and has spoken at events in over 20 countries around the world.

Eric’s diverse business background includes mobile computing, medical simulation, augmented reality gaming, 3D camera engineering, and Hollywood special effects, where he had the privilege of working on Hollywood blockbusters like Avatar, as well as franchises like the Pirates of the Caribbean, Transformers, and Iron Man.

With a bio like that, you might think that Eric is working 7 days a week, filling every waking moment with some task or to-do, right? In reality, Eric only spends a few hours each day on his computer. The rest of his time is spent kiteboarding (his favorite pastime), enjoying quality time with his family at their home in the Dominican Republic, and traveling the world.

Business freedom isn’t a catchphrase or a fluffy intellectual concept. Eric lives by these words, and the success of his businesses, health, and personal life is a testament to the fact that you can have it all.

The combination of his decades of experience and talent for teaching makes Eric the perfect person to show you how to build a lucrative business that gives you MORE freedom and flexibility to spend time on what really matters: your family, your health, and your life. 

As Seen On:

We’ve prepared tons of robust advice as well as real-world examples in a strategically structured manner. All of this to help you create a business that gives you freedom and profit, without the stress. You deserve it. The people closest to you deserve it.

Oh…one more thing.

There’s Zero Risk. Get Blown Away or Get Your Money Back.

You might be on the fence. Perhaps you’ve bought a similar program in the past that didn’t deliver or you’re skeptical for other reasons.

We have a solution for you.

If you reach out to (e-mail: after you’ve completed the entire program, watched all the videos, completed all the worksheets, and you haven’t seen any progress in your business or life, we will happily return your investment, prorated to the date of your cancellation request.

PLEASE NOTE: You have to do the work. Business Freedom 365 is for business owners who are committed to increasing their revenue and their quality of life simultaneously. This training will absolutely speed up your progress, but you will only benefit from this content if you’re willing to show up and do the work each week. 

You must watch the videos, do all the associated work, and put the strategies into action to be eligible for a refund.


Chet Holmes, Bestselling Author of the Ultimate Sales Machine

“Eric is a top-level consultant. He has a brilliant business mind and you should count yourself lucky if you have the opportunity to work with him—and you should be terrified if he is working with your competitor.”

Jack Canfield, Best-selling Author of Success Principles

Eric is an excellent heart-centered business leader. Anyone starting or running a business would be well served to spend some time with him.

Attila Szabo, Entrepreneur

“GREAT VIDEO, GREAT SPEAKER, AWESOME CONTENT! I've been in Eric’s workshop in Budapest, and it was one of my best training experiences! Thanks, Eric, keep up helping businessmen achieving freedom!”

Daniel Priestly, Author of Becoming a Key Person of Influence

Eric is one of the people I admire most for his ability to walk his talk. When he talks about success in business, you know he achieved it. When he talks about overcoming challenges, you know that he has faced them. He is an all-round terrific guy who I am grateful to know.

Meriliis Varbola, Entrepreneur

“Eric Edmeades is very charismatic, my new favorite teacher. Taught me to make good use of my knowledge and skills. I finally have faith that in the future I will run a company. I had no idea that marketing and events like these could be so much fun and practical.”

Jaane Piiri, Entrepreneur

Eric’s course was the best I’ve ever been to. Very informative, full of great tips and inspiring.”

Julia Bõstrova, Entrepreneur

“In two days I learned more than in 3 years of University combined. I consider myself as not a beginner—I read and develop myself. Thanks to Eric, I realized that I was focusing on the wrong things. Now I have a clear vision of which direction I’m going to develop my business.”

Testimonials from LinkedIn and Facebook
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Sorry, but I have to warn you...

This training program is not for you if:

  • ​You do not want to develop yourself and your business
  • ​You are looking for fast and easy “duct tape” fixes
  • ​You are not happy with your current situation but you are not ready to make changes
  • ​You are not ready to invest time to learn and do practical exercises

Business Freedom 365. The Only Program You Need in the Next 365 Days.

Here’s an overview of just some of the videos and practical exercises you’re going to get.

Business Foundations

  • ​Systemizing and proceduralizing your business into a robust asset
  • ​Detailing your personal Business Freedom goals
  • ​Identifying (and preparing for) potential Business Icebergs
  • ​Creating an asset-based marketing and product plan
  • ​Understanding the key principles of wealth psychology


  • ​Breaking through your limiting beliefs about growing a team
  • ​Delegating WAY more than you think you can/should
  • Hiring excellent people without breaking the bank
  • ​Building a team that is loyal and passionate about working for you
  • ​Leveraging your best communication medium(s)

People and Personality Types

  • ​Using the 8 Paths approach to hiring
  • ​Creating a delegation plan based on strengths-focused roles
  • Connecting with business mentors and role models

Ideal Roles

  • ​Detaching from fears or anxiety about hiring or delegating
  • ​Designing your new (and much-improved) Role Map
  • Establishing role metrics to ensure productivity and value
  • ​Creating simple policies, procedures, and role templates

Finding (and Keeping!) Superstars

  • ​Effectively onboarding new hires
  • ​Strengthening bonds with existing team members
  • Interviewing techniques that attract Superstars and weed out the rest
  • ​Establishing employee culture and systems that reinforce it
  • ​Protecting yourself from unfortunate employee scenarios

Value Chains

  • ​What is a value chain?
  • Shortening value chains
  • Strengthening value chains
  • ​Breaking value chains
  • ​Fixing value chains


  • Creating (and executing) an outreach plan for your Ideal Target Markets
  • How to get customers to buy specifically from you not your competitors
  • Refining your product’s buying criteria
  • Crafting engagement pitches
  • ​Outlining your first (of many!) inceptive story
  • ​Choosing your matrix of marketing tactics and methodologies

    * (Marketing is a major focus, so expect LOTS more on this topic!)


  • Increasing your influence and attraction
  • Optimizing the way you give feedback
  • Responding to “but” objections effectively
  • Transforming disagreements to points of consensus
  • ​Reframing your self talk for maximum confidence and impact


  • Written agreements
  • Cash vs profit
  • Going it alone
  • Over-trusting

Heck, just the templates are worth the price of this program!

If it’s tough for you to make a buying decision without knowing exactly what you’re getting, we get it.

Here are some real-world examples of the clips included in the course.

Month 3 — Week 3
Month 7 — Week 2
Process Improvement
Month 12 — Week 1
Avoiding Mistakes Part 1

And this is what your classroom is going to look like for the next year:

Imagine what your days will look like when you’re only working on the parts of your business that you enjoy most.

Imagine how your personal life will transform when you have substantial free time to take care of your health, be a present parent and spouse, and pursue the passions and hobbies that light you up.

Imagine your ideal day, week, and month. Your business is thriving. You’re creatively fulfilled. Your family is healthy and happy. Your life is full of joy. Can you see that vision in your mind? With Business Freedom 365, you can make that dream a reality.

Ask yourself just one question:

Is there a chance that one year from today, you could be looking back and regretting not taking the leap to start the journey of transforming your business and your life?

If the answer is yes or maybe, then you know what to do. Make a decision and take action.

Do you know why it’s a good idea to buy this course? Because psychology is on your side. As humans, we have to put our money where our mouth is. Scientists have proven that you’re much more likely to commit to something when you have an investment in it. We’re sure you’ve experienced this before.

Obviously Something Is Resonating With You 
Because You’re Still Reading...

Perhaps you got into business because you thought you’d get all the freedom and prosperity you wanted but then “real life” set in and you feel like you’re chained to your business with no escape.

Or perhaps you’re doing pretty well and are looking for a few more strategies that could add to your profit.

Either way, The Business Freedom 365 could create success for you very quickly—it’s as simple as that.
So take action today and get ready to take your business to the next level.

P.S. Tony Robbins says that knowledge isn’t power, it’s applied knowledge that gets results. You can learn all the strategies, the techniques, and the plans, but if you’re not going to take action and implement, all that knowledge is wasted. The Business Freedom 365 gives you a solid, orderly plan to double…even TRIPLE your business in just 12 months…that is, if you take action.

I really want to thank you. You are the type of person who takes responsibility and control over their life. Someone who takes the risk, creates innovation and provides jobs. It’s a cool but difficult path to take. But generally, it’s more difficult than it has to be.

P.P.S. On pages like this, only 2-5% of people take action. It doesn’t matter how good the program is, how well it’s written, who has left a testimonial, or any other form of proof we might have of its legitimacy. Do you know what the real reason is?

We are scared. Scared of success. We’re afraid to make a mistake and no one wants to feel stupid. We all use these mechanisms to keep us “safe.” It may have worked 10,000 years ago to not get eaten by lions, but today this is the least safe approach. It’s simply easier to not make a decision and keep everything the same way it was yesterday. It’s the status quo. 

But can you really afford not to develop yourself and grow your business? To continue the same way and just hope that everything will get better on its own? I’m a fan of positive thinking, but that’s just not going to happen. The reality is that your competitors are also working around the clock, both on themselves and their businesses.

I hope you’re one of those special people within that tiny percentile who are willing to invest, learn, make real changes, and achieve business freedom. The freedom that you and the people closest to you really deserve. 

So invest today. P.P.P.S. You could get your money back with another customer, client or patient, or two, or three more. You’ll more than likely make your investment back tenfold…even one-hundredfold since we’re going to help you create a marketing system it would otherwise cost you THOUSANDS to create if you hired someone to do it for you. So take action today and get ready to completely transform your business.

Let’s meet on the other side and make it happen.

Eric Edmeades 
And the Business Freedom Team


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    Why is this program so inexpensive considering the content is so valuable?
    The reason for this is as simple as it is honest, and a large part of it is due to Eric himself. He is extraordinarily committed to his clients and his tribe, which is why we all love working with him at Business Freedom! 

    Part of Eric’s personal Business Freedom is that he finds it incredibly gratifying to help other entrepreneurs succeed. He has been exactly where you are, and he loves nothing more than to help others achieve their dreams—that’s fulfilling for him on a soul level. 

    As a seasoned entrepreneur, he really wants to motivate you to take this step to build business freedom, and he doesn’t want money to stop you from starting this journey. That’s why we even created a payment plan, so it’s easy. 

    Plus, we know we can offer you a lot of value—10x more than this price, easily. And successful business is all about providing real value and treating your clients right. By earning your trust through honest business practices and great value, we hope you’ll become a true Business Freedom 365 fan and spread the word to your friends!
    What is your refund / cancellation policy?
    If you’re unsure about whether The Business Freedom 365 is right for you, email us at Tell us a bit about your business and life priorities, and we’ll give you our honest opinion about whether or not this is a fit.

    Once you have purchased, our money back guarantee is as follows:
    If you reach out to after you’ve completed the entire program, and you’ve watched all the videos and completed all the worksheets, and you haven’t seen any progress in your business or life, we will happily return your investment, prorated to the date of your cancellation request.
    Do I need to have an established business to participate?
    Whether you’re running an established business or you’re at the very beginning of your entrepreneurial journey, The Business Freedom 365 will teach you the practical and powerful strategies that will transition you from self employment to true business ownership.
    My business partner, spouse, friend would really benefit from this material. Can I share it with them?
    We appreciate your generous intentions, and the answer is no. When you join the Business Freedom 365, you’ll get personal and unique log-in access for you, and you alone. If you know someone you think would benefit from it, please send them this URL and encourage them to join you.
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