Choose your own hours. Earn more than ever before. Build a business that sets you FREE.

You probably started your business because you thought entrepreneurship would give you more free time and financial freedom.

You probably had a vision of giving enormous value to your clients and customers, while also enjoying lots of quality time with your family, travel, and an abundant bank account.

Is this the reality of your life and business today?

  • If your business feels more like self-employment and less like a source of freedom and lifestyle ease…
  • If revenue is not budging, even though you’re working harder than ever before…
  • If your health, personal goals and family relationships are falling by the wayside, as your business demands more of your time and energy…
  • If you’re struggling to keep your head above water, and go to sleep most days exhausted and uninspired by your business results…

What is Business Freedom 365?

Business Freedom 365 is a 12-month video training program for entrepreneurs.

For the first 4 weeks of each month (for a full year!) you’ll get videos and actionable worksheets from seasoned businessman and internationally-renowned mainstage speaker, Eric Edmeades.

Business Foundations

  • Detailing your personal Business Freedom goals
  • Identifying (and preparing for) potential business icebergs
  • Creating an asset-based marketing and product plan
  • Understanding the key principles of wealth psychology


  • Breaking through your limiting beliefs about growing a team
  • Delegating WAY more than you think you can/should
  • Hiring excellent people without breaking the bank
  • Building a team that is loyal and passionate about working for you
  • Leveraging your best communication medium(s)

People and Personality Types

  • Using the 8 Paths approach to hiring
  • Creating a delegation plan based on strengths-focused roles
  • Connecting with business mentors and role models

Ideal Roles

  • Detaching from fears or anxiety about hiring or delegating
  • Designing your new (and much-improved) organizational chart
  • Establishing role metrics to ensure productivity and value
  • Creating simple policies, procedures and role templates

Finding (and keeping!) Superstars

  • Effectively onboarding new hires
  • Strengthening bonds with existing team members
  • Interviewing techniques that attract Superstars and weed out the rest
  • Establishing employee culture and systems that reinforce it
  • Protecting yourself from unfortunate employee scenarios

Value Chains

  • Shortening value chains
  • Strengthening value chains
  • Breaking value chains
    Fixing value chains


  • Creating (and executing) an outreach plan for your Ideal Target Markets
  • Refining your product’s buying criteria
    Crafting engagement pitches
  • Outlining your first (of many!) inceptive story
  • Choosing your matrix of marketing tactics and methodologies

* (Marketing is a major focus, so expect LOTS more on this topic!)


  • Increasing your influence and attraction
  • Optimizing the way you give feedback
  • Responding to “but” objections effectively
  • Transforming disagreements to points of consensus
  • Reframing your self talk for maximum confidence and impact

Avoiding common business mistakes

  • Written agreements
  • Cash vs profit
  • Going it alone
  • Over-trusting

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Eric Edmeades

Eric has owned many successful businesses in a variety of industries ranging from mobile computing to Hollywood special effects where he had the privilege of working on Hollywood blockbusters like Avatar and movies in the Pirates of the Caribbean, Transformers, and Iron Man franchises.

In his own words:

‘’I believe the world is dependent on people like you and me. Entrepreneurs who want to make a difference in the world. But we can’t make that difference when we’re stuck in the daily activities of our business. Once we learn how to work ON our business instead of IN our business, we can start making a bigger impact.’’

Through his career as a successful entrepreneur, Eric has become an internationally recognized speaker in over 25 countries and has shared the stage with Anthony Robbins, Sir Richard Branson, President Bill Clinton, Robert Kiyosaki and many others.

Eric believes the most valuable gifts anyone can give themselves is health, wealth and the freedom of self-expression through public speaking. 

Today, he is helping people obtain all of it through his companies Business Freedom™, Speaker Nation™ and WILDFIT™.

Eric is one of the people I admire most for his ability to walk his talk. When he talks about success in business, you know he´s achieved it. When he talks about overcoming challenges, you know that he's faced his own. He is an all-round terrific guy who I am grateful to know.
Daniel Priestly
Author of Becoming a Key Person of Influence
Eric is a top level consultant: He has a brilliant business mind and you should count yourself lucky if you have the opportunity to work with him - and you should be terrified if he is working with your competitor.
Chet Holmes
Bestselling Author of the Ultimate Sales Machine
Increase revenue while living your dream lifestyle.

Imagine what your days will look like when you’re only working on the parts of your business that you enjoy most.

Imagine how your personal life will transform when you have substantial free time to take care of your health, be a present parent and spouse, and pursue the passions and hobbies that light you up.

Imagine your ideal day, week, and month. Your business is thriving. You’re creatively fulfilled. Your family is healthy and happy. Your life is full of joy. Can you see that vision in your mind? With Business Freedom 365, you can make that dream a reality.

Your Business Freedom 365 experience starts NOW!

Most Flexible

Pay in 12 monthly installments
$ 250 Monthly
  • Full access to all modules (released monthly)

Best Value

Single Payment
$ 3000 One Time
  • Full access to all modules


If you’re on the fence, or similar programs have not been as substantial as they promised and so maybe you’re a bit skeptical, here’s our remedy for that:

If you reach out to after you’ve completed the entire program, and you’ve watched all the videos and completed all the worksheets, and you haven’t seen any progress in your business or life, we will happily return your investment, prorated to the date of your cancellation request.

PLEASE NOTE: You have to do the work. Business Freedom 365 is for business owners who are committed to increasing their revenue and their quality of life simultaneously. This training will absolutely speed up your progress, but you will only benefit from this content if you’re willing to show up and do the work each week.

You must watch the videos, do all the associated work and put the strategies into action to be eligible for a refund.


If you’re unsure about whether The Business Freedom 365 is right for you, email us at

Tell us a bit about your business and life priorities, and we’ll give you our honest opinion about whether or not this is a fit.

Once you have purchased, our money back guarantee is as follows:

If you reach out to after you’ve completed the entire program, and you’ve watched all the videos and completed all the worksheets, and you haven’t seen any progress in your business or life, we will happily return your investment, prorated to the date of your cancellation request.

Whether you’re running an established business or you’re at the very beginning of your entrepreneurial journey, The Business Freedom 365 will teach you the practical and powerful strategies that will transition you from self employment to true business ownership.

We appreciate your generous intentions, and the answer is no. When you join the Business Freedom 365, you’ll get personal and unique log-in access for you, and you alone. If you know someone you think would benefit from it, please send them this URL and encourage them to join you.