Business Freedom Live Launch: Behind the Scenes


Join Eric Edmeades, Business Freedom founder and renowned business speaker, and Andrea Reindl, owner and CEO of Legacy Creative, for a full hour as they share the strategic process that transformed the simple recording of an online training program into a ground breakingly successful 6 figure launch!

Tuesday, May 22nd
3 pm New York Time / 8 pm London Time

Hosted by Roland Tokko


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Want to know how to transform creating your online course or webinar into a 6 figure launch?

That’s exactly what we did at Business Freedom Academy last year.

We’ve seen the old methods and used them ourselves, and let’s be honest…we were as bored as our audiences. So we took a risk. We brainstormed and tested out a different model for creating an online course using a live audience, and the results were astounding!

Incorporating a way for our audience to ask us questions during the filming and answering them…live created a buzz! Engagement was through the roof like we’d never witnessed before!

With only a small list we sold 48 packages worth $5000 each after being live for only 4 hours per day over the course of a 3 days.

Out of the 2100 participants who registered, almost 500 people watched live on the first day and we still had over 350 people constantly live by day three.

Revenue per opt-in was as high as $114.23. Which means affiliates made $57 per opt-in when promoting it!

This is a remarkable model that managed to substitute a live event without all the logistical issues while maintaining all the benefits. We had people attending from all over the world and from many different time zones (mainly North America and Europe).

In this one hour session, we’ll walk you through all the important steps that made such a feat possible, including:


  • How to make the 3 day live online recording work:
    a step-by-step process layout
  • How to create a syntax for 3 days
  • How to maintain high engagement from participants
  • How to build the offer to get maximum results
  • The email sequence needed before and after
    the launch
  • What is needed on the technical side to make
    this work

Register for the “Turning online course recording into a 6 figure launch” webinar today!


DID YOU KNOW? On our last broadcast we had people from over 15+ countries join us and engage with us all at one time! Join us for an hour to hear how we made this happen

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An international entrepreneur, Eric Edmeades has spent over 20 years launching, buying, selling, and turning around businesses in 6 countries. He has logged over 10,000 hours as a keynote speaker, working alongside industry icons like Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield, Sir Richard Branson, and many others.
With a bio like that, you might think that Eric is working 7 days a week, filling every waking moment with some task or to-do, right? Actually, Eric only spends a few hours each day on his computer. The rest of his time is spent kiteboarding (his favorite pastime), enjoying quality time with his family at their home in the Dominican Republic, and traveling the world for fun.
Business freedom isn’t a catchphrase or a fluffy intellectual concept. Eric lives by these words, and the success of his business, health, and personal life is a
testament to the fact that you can have it all.


Andrea’s innovative strategies lead to the results you want to see. She has been running businesses for over 20 years, starting her first business at age 16. She’s seen it all and knows exactly how to get your message to the right audience. She’s the kind of leader who can wear a cape for 6 months, raise two kids, and gut a chicken without breaking a sweat. At the helm of Legacy Creative, Andrea’s quirky and creative approach is like nothing you’ve seen. She’s doing things differently, which is exactly why it works.



Roland comes to you through the extensive international contact network for exciting trainers we bring to you. He is also responsible for the success of the Academy’s marketing activities. Roland is the author of the Success Academy idea!

Your business shouldn’t imprison you. True entrepreneurship is about personal freedom.