The Business Freedom Academy is open to english-speaking students from all over the world. We offer three types of education, each of which can be supported by a Certified Coach or Mentor. They are:

Online Open Education

There is no application process for Online Open Education. You simply choose the course or courses you are interested in taking, register, complete payment and your course will commence immediately thereafter.

Online Interactive Education

Our OIE programs are scheduled digital programs that are supported by a member(s) of faculty in live video-conference classrooms. These programs are by application and applications must be submitted no less than seven days prior to the scheduled commencement.

Online Masterclasses (Open)

Our Masterclasses are online intensive learning opportunities that take between 1 and 5 days. They are hosted by our faculty and guest faculty members in live video-conference classrooms. 

Live Workshops/Intensives

Our LIVE workshops provide intensive learning environments. Live BFA workshops are hosted in Europe, North America and Caribbean. LIVE workshops are available by application and often have enrolment limits. or curriculum and course information, please see


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