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BFA Introduction

The Business Freedom Academy is devoted to the inspiration and empowerment of entrepreneurs; business owners, entrepreneurial manager, and the self employed. BFA is committed to providing the highest quality programs from the most effective and experienced faculty. BFA is based in the Turks and Caicos Islands and provides both online education and live intensive workshops in the Caribbean, Europe and the Americas. The BFA was founded by Eric Edmeades and Roland Tokko.

BFA´s Chairman

The BFA´s Chairman is BFA co-founder, Eric Edmeades. Edmeades is a prolific serial entrepreneur with business ownership experience is mobile computing, data capture, Hollywood film production and special effects, 3D camera engineering, health and nutritional coaching, military research and development and super-realistic medical simulation. Edmeades is also a well known and internationally  recognized business speaker. Edmeades has spoken for thousands of people in over 20 countries and frequently shares stages with the likes of Sir Richard Branson, President Bill Clinton, Anthony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Jack Canfield, Phil Town and many others. Edmeades was born in South Africa, raised in Canada and spent 10 years in England with his first business, the ITR Group. Edmeades now resides in Turks and Caicos with his wife, Elise, and his daughter,Zoë.

BFA´s Leadership

BFA´s leadership team includes Chairman, Eric Edmeades, BFA co-founders, Roland Tokko and Andre Reindl. Roland Tokko is an Estonian entrepreneur with a background in business education, events management and property investing. Andrea Reindl is a Canadian entrepreneur with a background in publishing, platform development, business development and property investing.



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Roland Tokko

BFA co-founder

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BFA co-founder

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